Frozen Fingers Music Association

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Performer Gordy “Crazyfingers” Lindquist has studied music since an early age. Born at Max ND in 1937 he has taught music in ND at Max and Westhope; in CA at Santa Cruz and Aptos; and was a music professor at Dakota College in Bottineau for 34 years. Lindquist’s stage name of “Crazyfingers” came about after Gordy was booked at the Ramada Inn in 1963.

His music career began when he was five years old when he began playing piano and became fascinated with the keyboard. He joined the Joe Alme Band in 1984. The band backed up performers such as George Burns, Bob Hope, Red Skeleton, Myron Floren and many Lawrence Welk stars. Gordy was also a member of the Canadian band “Country Blend” that toured Canada from the NW territories to the Arctic Ocean. He holds the record for performing at the Norsk Hostfest for over 35 consecutive years. He is truly one of the great musicians and entertainers.